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Why upskilling is the future

Before Gen Z, most people had their entire life plan mapped out: Go to university, pursue a vocational degree and get a job. You would usually stay in that career for the majority of your life before retiring and receiving your pension. Careers back then were very linear and passions rarely changed. But what if they do? How do you future-proof yourself if you decide one day to take the leap and change careers? That’s where upskilling becomes important.

Upskilling is learning additional skills and filling in the gaps within your skillset. It’s the process of continuous learning and adding new competencies in order to stay competitive.

With an evolving workplace, here are some reasons why upskilling is now essential:

The rise of AI

Artificial intelligence, automation, and globalization have greatly changed the working landscape. Most products now have AI integration and with an increasingly digital age, upskilling has become more relevant than ever. Digital transformation also brings new challenges and thus it is important individuals are equipped with the knowledge, skills and capabilities of working in a digital future including AI-powered insights.

Values and priorities have shifted

Since the pandemic, people’s values and priorities have changed and attitudes towards work have shifted. While salary is important, many are placing more importance on different aspects; good work-life balance, benefits, flexible remote working options. A great passport for career switching involves upskilling and showing employers that you have the necessary talent and skills to do that.

Gen Z values learning

Most of the workforce by the end of this decade will consist of Gen Z, who are most familiar with side hustles and deviating from the common career path. They are a big part of the creator economy and also active consumers of micro-learning through online courses like Skillshare and through social media. For Gen Z, upskilling is imperative as they are the ones most likely to follow non-linear career paths and become lifelong learners.

The workplace is evolving

Skills are now taking center stage and more emphasis is placed on what skills employees have as opposed to their educational background. Skills-based hiring is now increasingly common and removes the “paper ceiling” which restricts many from pursuing opportunities that they would otherwise be qualified for. Companies are looking to attract top talent and upskilling ensures you are ahead of everyone else within the pool.

Here at Melon, our mission is to help everyone upskill no matter their background. It’s becoming an increasingly important narrative in everyone’s career path, not just Gen Z’s. Adaptability, flexibility, and a commitment to lifelong learning will be vital and our app is here to help. There’s so much content and noise on the internet, but we’re here to mitigate that and ensure the best pieces are curated for you.

You can join our community and sign up on the waitlist today to begin your upskilling journey! 🍈

Team Melon

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