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Save For Later | The Melon Queue

At Melon, we're always looking for ways to make your online learning experience more seamless and enjoyable. We're still building out our product together with our incredible beta users who constantly give us feedback and show us where we need to improve. You're basically a part of our product team!

After chatting with our users, we realised that there’s a very clear flow of saving content you already consumed and the insights you want to remember. However, sometimes you come across content that you want to save for later. Maybe it's a huge Twitter thread or a long podcast you don't have time to check out right away. That's where the content queue comes in handy. It's a space where you can store all the content you're yet to check out, but don't want to lose.

We wanted to make the content queue quick and actionable. Many of our users say that they almost reach “overwhelm paralysis” where they feel stressed about having tons of content to check out, but the moment they actually have time to read or listen to something valuable, they don’t remember where it was (or what it was).

We’re mitigating the sense of “content overload” by focusing on 3 main actions:

🤏 Easily reorder content through a drag-and-drop interface.

✅ Swipe right to add the content, together with your insights, to a collection after you’re done with it.

🗑 Swipe left to remove content you’re not interested in anymore.

If you're curious about what other Melon community members are consuming, you can see that directly in your queue. Our goal with this update is to make it easier for you to master your digital life by providing a clear circle of actions: save for later (to your queue!) and save to remember (add to a collection).

We hope this feature will advance your Melon experience, and we hope you enjoy swiping through your content queue as much as we’ve been enjoying ours. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it! Join our Discord community to let us know.

Happy learning and saving for later,

Sanne & team Melon

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