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Social Strategists & Content Creators | Melon Community

It’s International Women's Week at Melon! This week, we're celebrating the achievements and learning journeys of women across the globe - in particular our community members and active users. We at Melon want to encourage women to grow through learning, developing new skills, broadening horizons, and embracing the power of self-education. Today, we're bringing together three amazing women from different countries and backgrounds for an interview, all of whom share expertise in marketing and social media and a passion for lifelong learning. Meet Michelle, Kamela, and Fatima - avid Melon users!

Tell us a little about yourself and your learning journey!

Michelle: I’m an Italian girl with a polyglot soul who loves sharing her journey on social media! I usually help other fellow language lovers achieve fluency by sharing tips based on my personal experience and so much more. Currently working as an intern for an American company based in Italy, but would love to become a full-time content creator and translator. Besides languages, some of my other hobbies are music, book, travel and food! Oh yeah, anime and video games too ;)

Kamela: I love coming up with creative ways to story tell and engage an audience while taking both an analytical and creative approach. I'm a Toronto-based Content Marketing Lead with a passion for writing. Working in content marketing has taught me invaluable lessons in storytelling, social media strategies, content strategy, and much more! Outside of work, I love to explore self-development books, listen to podcasts, and take my pup on walks exploring the city.

Fatima: I am a full-time student based in Lahore, Pakistan, currently studying Pure Sciences at A-levels. Even though I'll be going to med school, I am really passionate about writing about social justice issues for media organizations. I have worked as a writer for nonprofits, travel agencies, copywriting agencies, and editorial boards! Along with writing, I am continuously seeking opportunities in social media marketing given my experience working for clothing and beauty brands.

What are you currently learning? Has Melon helped you in this process? <3

Michelle: Besides collecting my favorite and new resources to learn languages, I collect lots of interesting books to add to my TBR and resources to improve my social media game. Of course, everything with Melon.

Kamela: I'm always learning about copywriting and strategic marketing. Melon helps me organize all the amazing resources into one place so I can go back, continue learning from other creators, and put the resources into practice.

Fatima: Improving my writing skills is always at the top of my learning list. In addition, I have been using Melon and YouTube to learn more about strategy and content creation. Also, I am trying to learn basic Chinese so I've been going on and off Duolingo.

Since we want to empower women across the globe, what’s the most powerful advice you’ve ever gotten?

Michelle: People who make mistakes are the ones who are working.

Kamela: Your life is only as good as your mindset. This is so, so true. You're either going to have a good day or a bad one, and it's truly up to you and your mindset. It takes practice and consistency, but once you can shift your outlook on life, it gets so much better.

Fatima: You can not undo your decisions but one wrong decision does not define your life. You can choose a degree and realize mid-way that it’s not meant for you, you can get a job in your dream company but feel like leaving in a few months. Starting over after you make a decision that doesn’t seem right anymore won’t leave you behind anyone. Taking a gap year won’t matter a few years down the line but being in a position you dislike can affect you. Do what you want in life, it’s important.

Great words! And what advice would you give to ambitious women like yourself?

Michelle: Be yourself. Love yourself. You can achieve everything you want to because the world is in your hands.

Kamela: When we stick together and support one another, we can achieve anything we set our minds to. It's easy to get caught up in the competition and comparison that society often promotes, but let's remember that we're all in this together. When one of us rises, we all rise. When we lift each other up, we create a world where every woman can thrive and reach her full potential.

Fatima: If you're struggling to get more freedom in your life just believe that there will be one day when you will make your decisions - not your parents, not your husband, not your extended family. I know that millions of women still have to seek permission for the most basic stuff such as meeting their friends, and I go through the same, but I know that this too shall pass because I'm working for independence, and so can you.

Whether you're looking to learn a new skill, switch jobs, or simply connect with like-minded individuals, Melon and our vibrant community of incredible women in all fields of expertise can be a great starting point for your journey. This International Women's Week, let’s encourage each other to take risks, pursue our passions, and never give up on our dreams. Remember, with a little bit of effort and faith in yourself, anything is possible! Let this be your sign to take on that project, start learning that new skill, or apply for that job you’ve been dreaming of.

You can join our community and sign up on the waitlist today to be among the first ones to try out Melon 🍈

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