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Learning is self-love

Show yourself some love this Valentine’s by learning new things 💕

Valentine's Day is a special time of year to show love to the people closest to us, but it's also a time to celebrate self-love. This year, why not give yourself the gift of learning something new? Learning is a powerful lifelong journey that opens up new opportunities, expands your understanding of the world, and helps you grow as a person. And the most important benefit of learning is that it’s a form of self-love. By investing time and energy into improving yourself, you’re telling yourself: “Hey, I’m worthy of growth and development - and I’m dedicated to myself!”

Not only will your personal growth flourish, but you'll also spread love and positivity. To help inspire you, we interviewed three Melon users who shared their stories about the power of learning and self-love. Meet Ana, Maver & Fatima.

- What are you currently learning? 📚

Ana: recently my focus has been on brand design because I've just started working with it, but I'm also learning about social media management and UX/UI design.

Maver: I’m currently learning User Interface and Experience Design for websites and apps.

Fatima: I usually am learning/improving on 2-3 things at a time so I don’t get exhausted or bored by just one. Currently, the list includes social media strategy, journalism writing, and the integration of psychology and business.

- How is Melon helping your learning process & what are you learning? 👀

Ana: It made my process of brand design learning quicker since I went straight to Melon and didn’t have to look for websites/apps to find insights myself. And as someone who struggles with procrastination, having everything in one place gives me the urge to go & do what has to be done.

Maver: Melon has helped me organize my inspirational and educational content on topics that I’m learning, and those that I already know but still like to keep up with trends. I’m a graphic designer passionate about marketing, social media, and web design, so keeping up with trends and updating my knowledge is a must in my day to day. That has been so much easier with Melon.

Fatima: Melon is the digital bookshelf for all my learning assets. I have found tons of resources and materials collected by amazing creators on strategy and writing. Melon has built a lovely community that is always available to answer questions, introduce others to hidden resources (no gatekeepers), give feedback on work, and more.

- What does self-love mean to you? 💜

Ana: Self-love means respecting my boundaries, and knowing I'm doing my best. Also knowing that some days are gonna be worse than others, but as long as I'm doing what I love and respecting myself, then everything's gonna be okay!

Maver: For me, self-love is enjoying my own company, being my priority, and my biggest fan. Loving myself means I’m capable of loving others from my most expansive and beautiful version. Caring for loving myself allows me to care for others.

Fatima: Self-love for me is caring for myself without being trapped in the old guilt hole of thinking that it’s selfish. It takes courage to block the negative energy from people who think that you should always be thinking about them, about someone else or the world - just anything or anyone except you.

One of the most beautiful aspects of learning is that there is no limit to what you can learn. Whether it's marketing, design or product management, the opportunities for growth are endless.

This Valentine's Day, give your mind some love and treat yourself to the gift of learning. By embracing self-love through learning, you'll be giving yourself the tools you need to grow and succeed, both now and in the future. Share your self-loving learning journey with us on Instagram, Twitter or TikTok via the hashtag #melontine - our hearts are guaranteed to melt!💕

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