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Graphic & Brand Designers | Melon Community

The Melon community is full of bright and talented graphic & brand designers, and that's no surprise: Melon is a platform for self-learning, and designers have to keep up with the latest trends, software and tools like no other. A career in design implies an ever-learning process and upskilling. Today, we're thrilled to bring together Alahna, Emma, and Preshita: three talented designers with a passion for learning new things and, of course, curating on Melon in their day-to-day life. Let's chat about their design journey, tools they can't live without, and tips they would share with design beginners. Keep reading!

Tell us a little about yourself and your learning journey!

Alahna: I'm a designer and illustrator based in Denver, Colorado. I’m very passionate about learning new things and trying to grow as a person and artist.

Emma: I run Design By Emma, a graphic design studio (and online shop!) based in Manchester, U.K. I've worked with some of the big brands, including In The Style, Beauty Bay, Regatta, The Fragrance Shop, and more! I've designed packaging that's been featured in Boots, Holland and Barrett, and Superdrug! I've worked with businesses of all sizes, from small startups to global brands. I'm also passionate about creating logos and brand identities.

Preshita: I used to do a lot of graphic design in college and have since switched to UX/UI (I'm a beginner though). I enjoy designing for women and am passionate about being a part of the femtech industry. I've previously worked in femtech, and those were the best three months of my career; I'd love to take on another challenge like that someday.

Cool! What have you been learning lately? Has Melon helped you in this process? <3

Alahna: I’ve been learning Korean, and Melon has helped me organize content that helps me with that process. I’ve also been broadening my practice with different graphic design projects.

Emma: Currently learning motion design on After Effects, and I love being a part of the community that encourages learning!

Preshita: I’m learning Figma interactions. Melon has definitely helped me in keeping all of my curated content in one place so I can easily come back to it and take notes whenever I want.

What are some tools you can't live without as a designer?

Alahna: As a designer, I cannot live without Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate (on iPad), and my sketchbook. When I'm working on a project I always start with my sketchbook and a pencil. I get as many ideas drawn up without the pressure of it looking nice. Then I'll move on to using digital tools to refine a design I like. Using Procreate I like to add that 'hand-drawn' element back into it.

Emma: I simply cannot live without the Adobe Creative Suite, whether it's Illustrator or Adobe Express. Their programs are used to produce 90% of my work. Additionally, I love Melon, as it provides the inspiration I never knew I needed as a designer, and helps me stay organised when creating collections for my projects.

Preshita: I absolutely cannot live without Figma and Notion for work and documentation, as well as Pinterest and Dribbble for inspiration!

Great words! And what advice would you give to design beginners that are just starting out?

Alahna: For someone who's just starting out in design, I really recommend trying different project types to really figure out what you like doing. Go beyond your comfort zone, because it just might surprise you. Also, stay curious and never stop learning. That's the amazing thing about this profession, you can share your expertise with others and they just might have something new to share with you too.

Emma: The best tips I can offer are to be consistent, network, and keep going! Remember that every designer starts somewhere, and every piece of work you create is crucial in getting new clients, gaining new skills, and growing as a designer.

Preshita: For me, designing has always been more about styling and drawing inspiration from wherever I can. I personally started out by just iterating a lot. My suggestion, keep adding variations on what you've designed to increase the variety and quality of your designs. Having multiple approaches in front of you helps you understand what is the best possible approach for that problem and gives you different perspectives. Definitely try out different styles (font combinations, colour palettes, etc) to figure out which style you think suits you. Practice makes perfect, you’ve got this!

Melon is an excellent source for anyone who wants to learn new things or upskill for a job, an internship, or just for fun. Our community of talented designers, marketers, writers, and freelancers can be an excellent starting point for your journey. We're dedicated to inspiring and empowering each other to pursue our passions, take risks, and never give up on our aspirations! Wherever you are on your professional (and personal) path, our community is waiting for you to join, curate content together, and upskill.

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