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Content Strategy for Social Media (with @bybrandtherapy)

The Melon community is vibrant and full of professionals: from small business owners to eager social media managers and experienced designers. Content strategy is an important tool for anyone wanting to begin a career in social media, and Melon can be the perfect place to help you get started and stay on track with your learning process. We interviewed Aishwarya, a brand designer & social media strategist, who regularly provides strategy services for her clients and uses Melon in her day-to-day work life. Want to kickstart your career in social media and content strategy or upskill for your own creative projects? Keep reading!

- How did you get into content strategy?

Aish: I started out as a brand designer and creating the right content is the natural next progression for every successful brand. Seeing that, I decided to step into the field of content strategy!

- What are some tools you use every day for content strategy?

Aish: I'm a digital hoarder but the handful of tools that I keep coming back to are:

1) Notion: I use it as my dedicated client portal. Starting from the initial content audit to the final strategy deck, everything's up on our Notion page!

2) Melon: My content strategy is spread across multiple platforms for every brand I work with. Each platform has its own objectives and its own kind of content. Melon is the perfect place to curate inspiration from all these different platforms and execute the strategy correctly.

3) Contra: My favourite platform to lay out my services and handle project management (contracts, invoices, payments) seamlessly!

- What's the most fun part of the job?

Aish: Each project is different – no two brands will benefit from the exact same strategy but at the same time, it's really interesting to see how you can adapt a strategy used for one brand to one that belongs to a completely different industry.

- And the most difficult part?

Aish: Since strategy isn't something tangible, it's always just as scary to start on a new project. You're clearing the path as you're moving without really having a 'finish line'.

- What keeps you inspired?

Aish: My mission is to help brands unlock their 2.0 version. With strategy, they're able to gain clarity and focus more on the bigger picture. Seeing these results is what keeps me inspired!

- Do you have tips for anyone that wants to kickstart their strategy career?

Aish: For anyone that wants to get into strategy but isn't sure where to start, I'd recommend starting with a small focus area: picking one platform and just one aspect of it (let's say, Instagram & bio optimization). Then, create a swipe file for yourself - analyze the bios of big and small brands, and create your own bank. Figure out what your method is with these steps, and try different tools to see what works for you! Once you're confident in a specific area, it's much easier to expand and scale.

- And what about tips for brands or people wanting to level up their own strategy?

Aish: My main tip would be to look at it as a problem-solving exercise. Gather all your problem areas first and only fix what's actually broken!

Melon is a great first step for anyone wanting to make their learning seamless and social: save and organize your content, explore community-curated collections, and learn from experts and professionals alike. Check out Aishwarya's Content Strategy collection to help you get started - and sign up to create your own!

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